Kathmandu, Nepal.Tying Rakhi to President, Vice-President, Dy PM and Other VVIPs

Service News: ‘Auspicious Rakhi Festival 2016′ of Kathmandu Nepal

Rakhi, the Rakshya-vandhan Festival, 2016 was celebrated with elaborate engagement all day through from the very early morning and much fanfare in all the places of Kathmandu-Nepal BK Centers. Not only at the BK Centres but also at VVIPs’ own places sisters tied the Rakhi, they include Hon’ble President, Vice President, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers, Head of mission, personalities at the highest levels of bureaucracy, Head of Police, and others which include personalities of all walks of life and society. It was in fact an occasion to spread around Baba’s message, acquaint them with the activities of Brahmakumaris and bring them closer to the Brahmakumaries. During the meeting with VIPs all had appreciated the inspirational and positive transformative services of Brahmakumaris in Nepal and abroad. Likewise sub zone centers out side Kathmandu Valley also celebrated Rakhi Festival giving mass message round the day.