Kathmandu- ​ ​Hon’ble Speaker Krishna Bdr. Mahara ​Inaugurates Shiva Darshan Bhawan at ​Sangam Colony

Inaugural Function

On the auspicious  occasion of Inauguration of  New Building

Shiva Darshan Bhawan of Brahmakumaris Center Sangam Colony,

3. Chief Gues Horable Speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Krishna bahadur mahara innaurating shiva darshan bhawan.Kathmandu a public program was organized ​in which VIPS ​& IPsfrom different walk participated​ Rt. Hon’ble Speaker Mr.Krishna Bdr. Mahara had Spot light the importance of positive thinking to make every one above the feeling o f religion, group, cult, cast decimation for the sustainable development of the country strong , peace,, brotherhood, harmonious relation among the people of the country .

MP. Mr. Krishna Gopal and MLA of state no 3 Mr. Keshore  Pokharel shared the practice of Rajyoga Meditation  is needed for politician to make them more service oriented for the people and individual stress free living .

On the occasion the famous singers Mr. Jeevan Sharma & J.B Tuhure had presented their famous social  songs. Bk. Ram singh, Hemsharma pokherel and Bk. Hiranya, Bk. Kabita had also delivered their speech on these function .

From the chair Brahmakumari  Raj Didi explained about the successful result of godly service in Nepal last 50 years . Ex. Ministers, Administrator, Judges, Secretaries of Nepal Government, Social workers, businessman and many others renown people were participated in this program.